Jeremy Clarkson the great TV presenter and……

Racist, trans and homophobe biggot???

I regard Jeremy Clarkson as one of the best TV presenters in recent history. He is most famous for his outrageous and blatantly honest opinions on most cars on the famous before not so much now BBC motoring show Top Gear. It was by far my most favourite car show ever. I really enjoyed looking at these 3 bash cars and talk politics and “common sense”


“As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok. They were called ladyboys, and in my mind they were nothing more than the punchline in a stag night anecdote.”

jeremy clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

More specifically, he then went on to criticise the parents of transgender children, for “poisoning the minds” of their families, by allowing their children to live their life as their preferred gender.

He added: “I wanted to seek out [the parents] and explain that they were free to live a lunatic life, they must not – and I was going to emphasise this with spittle – be allowed to poison the mind of a child…

“[Children] dream impossible dreams. You don’t actually take them seriously. You don’t take them to a hospital when they’re 10 and say, ‘He wants to be a girl, so can you lop his todger off?’”


He understandably got a lot of criticism for the above and I bet some people with threaten to boycott his new show which in a way, I understand. In his defence I need to point out the fact that people who never experienced body dysphoria might not be able to understand want trans people go through. To them it is as foreign as someone wanting to cut off certain or all limbs to achieve their full potential.

Yes I get upset wen people tell me I’m wrong and even question my sanity but you know what? Let them. You can try to educate some people, sometimes you can enlighten them, sometimes you can’t. You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks though age has very little to do with accepting changes like this.


For anyone who still thinks it is wrong, immoral or just simply unreasonable to transition to the opposite sex (or to non binary gender), look at it this way. If you never felt disappointment and disgust when looking into the mirror, obviously you would have a hard time understanding this condition, but imagine that 90% of your skin got burnt in an accident for a few minutes. Not that I wish this onto you by any means, but think of how hard your life would become. Presenting on the streets or in any public place would be difficult to say the least….. What if you could fix it? Would there be something you wouldn’t do to get well again? I realize that this is an extreme example and by no means do I wish this on anyone, but how dare does anyone tell me that it is wrong, immoral or unreasonable to transition? What right do you have to deny me happiness I have been longing for all my life?

So is it wrong to transition? The older I get the less I think so. I still believe it is more selfish than anything else because I am the only one directly benefiting from it, while it causes a lot of distress to everyone around me but after all we only live once. The thought of knowing I only have a few days left to live terrifies me. If I found out today I have a terminal illness and 6 months to go, only two things would get to me.

One is how much I wished for my spouse and best friend to have a long and happy life and I would not be there to see her achieve it and see her become wiser in the process, the other would be that I lived my whole life in denial and the world never got to know me the way I feel inside.

Day 30 of MTF HRT.


On the 30th day of my HRT journey I was tasked with filling my prescription for more T blocker which now doubles in dosage and adding E. (Estrogen which goes by the brand name Estrace) I’ve been dreading doing this for a while because some pharmacist get really confused when someone presenting as male goes in and asks for Estrogen. I was of course horrified of being asked what it’s for or whether or not I got the wrong prescription but upon presenting the slip of paper, the lady behind the counter really didn’t seem to care a whole lot just handed me a buzzer and said it was going to be ready in a few minutes. That was easy I thought….

Once the buzzer went off, she had some questions about my insurance slip then proceeded to hand me the card reader for payment. I was happy thinking to myself “Is that it????? I don’t know what the fuss is all about” She then told me to wait a minute so the pharmacists can talk to me about my meds. Great! I thought to myself. I am not getting off that easily after all.

The other lady had a big smile on her face and asked: “Are you getting a sex change?” Looking at her face my tension was immediately gone and felt at ease. I then began explaining to her with a grin on my face that the politically correct way of saying it is Gender Reassignment and that I’m not entire sure if that will be at the outcome because I don’t really know how far I’ll be taking this at this point. She was very embarrassed by this and couldn’t apologize enough to which I just laughed as she explained this is a small town in the boonies and she never met anyone else in her 15 years here.

She then asked me if I had any questions about the pills (Spironolactone and Estrace). To my firm NO response she still began explaining them in detail nonetheless, proceeding to tell me that spiro can cause you to be light headed and pee a lot while Estrogen, errr. She froze for a sec. “Will cause you to be awesome and live a happy life???? I finished the sentence for her. With a big laugh she wished me luck and sent me on my way.

MY makeup skills still stink but I’m making progress…..