The Scary Science at Johns Hopkins University

I’m not even sure I have have words to describe how I feel about this. To put children through this is criminal to say the least.

The Scary Science at Johns Hopkins University. An article by the advocate magazine, Written by BRYNN TANNEHILL

The Scary Science at Johns Hopkins University


3 thoughts on “The Scary Science at Johns Hopkins University”

  1. Thanks for this. Twenty years ago when I quit trying to kill myself with alcohol and came out to my mom, she decided we would go to Johns Hopkins for help — Hopkins being the authority on all things medical and psychological in the Maryland area and beyond. Surely this would be the best resource for my situation! I was directed to the Sex Behaviors Consultation Unit. The receptionist, B___, answered the phone with only a hushed “Consultation Unit,” because this was actually the place where people with severe sexual deviance were being treated. Pedophiles, rapists, etc… and trans.

    The intake was shockingly rough. I spent two days taking tests and doing interviews, trying to “justify” my feelings to skeptical doctors and grad students. MMPI test. Define gender. What is femininity. IQ test. Do you hate men. Why do you want to be female. Who do you fantasize about. Do you want to be penetrated.

    They said they would need me to come back every week for a year or so to figure out if I really was a transsexual and decide what to do about it. The weekly therapist was a PhD doing his internship, and he actually was great, but no way no how were they going to approve HRT. They put me on Prozac instead, despite my reluctance. Meanwhile the hair from the crown of my head was shedding enough to clog the drain…. I was going bald fast, and I desperately needed more time to convince these people to treat me medically.

    After a few more months, I quit JH and bounced around from therapist to therapist trying to get someone to take me seriously. Ended up finally getting started on HRT but it was shady, a one-man office in a dirty basement in Baltimore. I had no support system and not enough money to get enough of my beard removed before my breasts started to get noticeable. My “issue” had led to me dropping out of college twice: when you’re trans and your body is changing in the wrong direction you can’t think clearly about anything else.

    So I stopped the transition. Resigned myself to my perversion, accepted the label that Johns Hopkins had given me — that this is a sexual deviance. Tried to move on. Did move on. Became anti-trans in a way — all those pervs out there just wanted a you know what of their own. Reconciled with the family, went back to school, got good jobs, had girlfriends, got married, reveled in the privileges of my male gender, really had seriously and honestly gotten over that delusion from my past.

    What every trans person knows though, is that it’s never really gotten over. And in seeking therapy almost twenty years later to once again try to suppress this “perversion” and not ruin my male life, I discovered the history of Johns Hopkins, Dr. Money and Dr. McHugh, the Reimers, and the other people whose psyches they ruined with their skepticism and their demands. My story isn’t uncommon. B*****ds.


    1. Thank you for sharing that. I’m not quite sure how to respond to that, but it did make me cry. I’m very sorry that you had to go through this. I tried to just “get over” my illness and live a normal life, but it eventually caught up with me. I got tired of fighting it. Take care.


  2. Hi – sorry, I didn’t realize until after looking through some of your other posts that your blog seriously wasn’t the right place to post that. It’s just the verbal diarrhea that came out when I came across your repost of the Advocate article. Feel free to delete — it seems inappropriate here. Maybe I’ll send a copy to Hopkins. Best of luck on your transition!


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