The day of male fails….

This is a fairly big achievement because today was really the day I realized I’m doing pretty well for my age and the length of time I’ve spent on hormones. 2 male fails in one day is a good sign. First this morning at the store while checking out with the cashier, “This was miss”, then I got another in afternoon, this time a “have a good day ma’am”. I’m pretty high 🙂

I thought this was worth of a selfie once again.



The difference now compared to year and a half ago is rather obvious.




This bathroom thing is really becoming silly….

Monty Python couldn’t have written it better than how it is unfolding in the US. For some reason people seem to think that bathroom laws will give sexual predators a way in. Do we really think a sexual predator needs a law or permission??? Trans people have been pooping beside us forever, without you ever having known about it.



I really liked this part of Bill Maher’s show. Well said once again by Dan Savage and in fact by everyone…..




6 month HRT 5 month Estrogen

Time is flying by…… I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since the correct hormones have been flowing thru my system and the changes are becoming ever so evident. I also continue to loose weight at a slow but steady rate.

I was at my endocrinologist today for a checkup and as it turns out, I’m 20lbs down since February 10th which was my previous appointment. Weirdly I thought I’d have so much to say about the changes that are occurring but I really don’t have that much to say and definitely nothing that would be so different from other trans women’s experiences.

I feel really good. I feel like I have more energy than ever before but that’s really due to running and I guess my good feelings are also supplemented by very visible breast development. Well at least on the left side of course…..The right side seems to be about 2-3 months behind at this point and really hope it catches up soon because it looks a little weird if not funny. At this point there is also definite slow down on body hair growth that feels very profound for the first time while I think my skin is definitely getting smoother and seems to glow more, at least that’s what others tell me.

My main focus at this point is replacing my wardrobe and spending more time as me. Now that I’m out more and more as me, getting back into the old mode is hard to say the least, or more like excruciating. Yes I still worry about being clocked when I’m out but the fear is really trumped by happiness and some calmness even tho my blood pressure was through the roof at the doctor’s yesterday because I still thought that sitting in a waiting area of a busy hospital waiting for my doctors, was somewhat nerve-wracking. I was surrounded by a huge variety of people and of course I felt like someone was going to say something but I wasn’t even acknowledged by anyone really. I really don’t think I got a single weird look from anyone.

The picture is from last night while I was playing with makeup in practice for my doctor’s appointment. No I was getting dolled up for my doctor by any means but I wanted to look and feel decent.

I replaced the pic with this. Found one with the same sweater one year apart.


Out and about…. – Updated and yes I have survived

Today really is my first day of being out and about during the day and interacting with people. If I survive, I’ll update this post….

I am pretty sure I will but wish me luck anyway.

Well not only did I survive, but I actually had a really good and happy day. I had to meet 2 people in the middle of a big city then went for coffee with a friend and had 0 issues. I’m not entirely convinced I passed 100% but I got madamed consistently and didn’t feel like I got any weird looks, or looks of any kind for that matter. I was very happy and very tired at the end of the day but it has really been a great experience.

Is someone not accepting selfish?

So far my only negative feedback I got about transitioning has been from one family member.

Frankly I kinda knew that would be the case but what I do find worrisome is the fact that generally people that either don’t get or accept you, only seem to care about how they feel about the whole thing, without ever asking how you are doing or feeling or is transitioning making you happy(er). Sometimes I think that’s rather selfish. It’s all about how I feel about you “bending” the norm. If it makes me feel uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be so.

I find that the majority of the time, people who come out to unsupportive family members or friends, all seem to say the same thing. Generally the feedback is the same. You will not be successful, you won’t have a job, nobody will like you and so on and how they don’t like the whole thing and not because they genuinely worry about your well being, but rather their own.

Is that harmful behaviour? I think it might be, especially when it’s about youth. I find as I’m getting older, I care less and less about what people think. It is my job to make myself happy and not too many people can help me with that. I also tend to think that being trans or whatever else and coming out is a good BS filter. Generally speaking, people not capable of accepting who you are, should be excluded from your life. Of course it’s not always possible due to financial, family or business obligations but those not capable of being supportive around you, need to go.


Old navy attacked for interracial ad.

While I really want to stay on track and only focus on trans issues on my blog, sometimes you just encounter stuff that you can’t help. I saw this on the news this morning and it made me feel quite ill. Some of the responses they got on twitter are so outrageous, they really make me wonder whether they were meant as a joke. I’m afraid that’s not the case tho…..

Of course the last one is my favourite. “What’s next? Gender Neutral Washrooms??? OMG make it stop

Old Navy was hoping to kick off a happy day of Sunday internet shopping for online consumers when it tweeted an advertisement featuring a smiling interracial family, along with a 30% off coupon. But rather than an immediate boom in sales, the retail giant saw an explosion of racist trolls in their Twitter mentions, lambasting the company for showing what they referred to as miscegenation: the mixing of races.

interracial old nave ad

racist and homophobe comment1


Racist and homophobe response 2

racist and homophobe response 3


racist and homophobe comment 4