Things are better and different. 

So I’m on my own, but that’s another entry I don’t feel like writing right now, but my father has mysteriously completely turned around and became an avid supporter in a rather short amount of time. He has gone from calling me Ill and and In a country where instead of treating it, they encourage it. That was February. A month later, he apparently would never deny me my happiness……. 

I am not entirely convinced where the change came from, but a conversation with my brother and and nephew took place which turned him around. I think he needed time to absorb the change and he slowly made peace with it, since it’s not going anywhere. These changes are here to say. 


1 thought on “Things are better and different. ”

  1. *
    Yippee! And Congratulations!

    Your family is realising that they also go through their own transition and it is not so scary after all.

    They recognise that you really are Marissa, not the person whom they perceived during your before.


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