I wasn’t sure what my curtains are trying to tell me, but then I clued in…..

40 Days till surgery. 😂😂😂😜

I’m really excited, somewhat petrified but not of the actual procedure and the pain after, but of the stay in a hospital. I hate hospitals. I really do……It is a small price to pay however for this closing battle of a 30+ year war. I don’t care much about the pain, I’ll manage. Also, I recently managed to break a tooth with a piece of rock in rice that resulted in total agony lasting 2 weeks before I got my root canal. It was a nasty pain radiating into my eye socket and ear and was excruciating even just my own tongue touching it….. I’m really not sure this could be worse. I looked at my broken tooth as practice for next month.

Bring it on and make it hurt. Pain is temporary, enjoy it while it lasts…..




3 thoughts on “I wasn’t sure what my curtains are trying to tell me, but then I clued in…..”

  1. *
    Tee-hee! for your visual. Something is on your mind.

    The specifics of your surgery and your tolerance for pain are involved in what pains you do feel and how you manage them. I submit that your root canal will have been far worse than your next step.

    Unless I missed it …

    Where will you be going?

    What preparations have you been doing?

    What have you done to get ready for the results?

    What are your expectations?

    Are you eager for ‘duty’?



  2. Congratulations! By my calculations, you are now at the 20-day mark for surgery. I have always found that, by doing what the medical professionals say, things tend to go MUCH better. :o)

    Good luck and best wishes!

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