OMG what a scary article once again….

I really thought this was very disturbing on so many levels. I’ve read other articles by Walt Heyer before, a supposedly “Ex-trans woman” who now spends his time writing lunacy.

The latest piece (of *****) I read was this one.

Here’s What Parents Of Transgender Kids Need To Know

I’m not even sure what to say really really but feel upset. Parents reading this and using it as a guide will only succeed at one thing. Prolong the suffering of trans kids and potentially permanently damage them. I need to voice my opinion again that if someone has never experienced gender dysphoria, they might perceive the whole thing as just a mental disturbance and nothing more. I’m not even sure where walt gets all this stuff from…. Is this person angry at the world for a failed transition or had a change of heart? Either way, you should not assume that everyone’s experiences are the same as yours. We are all different. In fact, I’m going to go even one step further. Let’s assume for a second that being trans is nothing more than a mental disorder. Why try to fix it if aligning the sufferers’ body eases the discomfort and causes them to live a happy life???

Articles like the above can be very damaging in the wrong hands and we must do whatever we can to reduce their impact.

Another troubling entry was this one.

Walt Heyer sucks


Old navy attacked for interracial ad.

While I really want to stay on track and only focus on trans issues on my blog, sometimes you just encounter stuff that you can’t help. I saw this on the news this morning and it made me feel quite ill. Some of the responses they got on twitter are so outrageous, they really make me wonder whether they were meant as a joke. I’m afraid that’s not the case tho…..

Of course the last one is my favourite. “What’s next? Gender Neutral Washrooms??? OMG make it stop

Old Navy was hoping to kick off a happy day of Sunday internet shopping for online consumers when it tweeted an advertisement featuring a smiling interracial family, along with a 30% off coupon. But rather than an immediate boom in sales, the retail giant saw an explosion of racist trolls in their Twitter mentions, lambasting the company for showing what they referred to as miscegenation: the mixing of races.

interracial old nave ad

racist and homophobe comment1


Racist and homophobe response 2

racist and homophobe response 3


racist and homophobe comment 4