My thoughts on early transitioning.

Marissa’s guide to male to female gender transitioning.

So I’ve been thinking about coming up with this “list” with items I think are most important in gender transitioning.

Sure we might all do it differently and take different approaches to achieve same goal but ultimately, we all want to succeed at “passing” and blending into society.

Why is passing important? This is a question that repeatedly seems to come up and it’s somewhat complex. My SO used to get fairly upset with me while voicing my goal of passing and she would repeatedly ask why passing is so important, since there are CIS women in a variety of different formats and body shapes and society puts too much emphasis on our looks. This is very true, but we don’t necessarily want to look very pretty, we’re just trying to avoid unnecessary attention. Unnecessary attention to me in this case means people looking it at you on the street or poking fun at you, or misgendering you in public, which can be a very hurtful experience. I’m basing the following strictly on my experience and is not meant to be used as a guide, merely a list of suggestions.

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Things are better and different. 

So I’m on my own, but that’s another entry I don’t feel like writing right now, but my father has mysteriously completely turned around and became an avid supporter in a rather short amount of time. He has gone from calling me Ill and and In a country where instead of treating it, they encourage it. That was February. A month later, he apparently would never deny me my happiness……. 

I am not entirely convinced where the change came from, but a conversation with my brother and and nephew took place which turned him around. I think he needed time to absorb the change and he slowly made peace with it, since it’s not going anywhere. These changes are here to say.